Blend Cota: Meet 2 Artists in 1

Blend Cota

Yes, you read that right – 2 artists in 1! That is what you will find when you meet Blend Cota on June 16th in the Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery and CV Art and Frame.

Blend Cota is the Creative Director for the Thomas Kinkade Studios and has been continuing Thom’s legacy with his work for the Studios, releasing many new paintings that utilize Thom’s signature style of Luminism. Blend has been behind the many popular new releases of the Disney paintings incorporating Mickey and Minnie as well as those from the classics: Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Cinderella are just a few. In addition, he has been adding to the Super Heroes series featuring Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn and more.

In June Blend will share his own bright, bold and colorful style with his color collection. You will find more super heroes here in a completely different style.

Join us to welcome this multi-talented artist who will create special, original sketches for all collectors:

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