May days

spring babyIf you’re anything like me, you’re ready for May and ready to get those April showers behind us. Really looking forward to those May flowers … and all the other great things May brings, especially here in the Indianapolis area.

Here in our fine art gallery, we will continue our 40th Anniversary celebrations with great art events. Join us in Zionsville for the annual Brick Street Market on May 11th.  You will want to return the following weekend as we will be featuring our best selling artist of recent months – Victor Nemo. You will enjoy an extensive Champagne Exhibition of Nemo’s work on May 17th – 18th as we welcome his knowledgeable broker, Sulma Foulk.

Nemo’s renditions of Indianapolis have been extremely well received. He is working on a special set of paintings featuring the Indy 500 as well as other dear-to-the-heart Indiana themes. In addition to his popular mixed media paintings, you will also see some of his traditional impressionist paintings as well.

Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for our very special upcoming show: Alexandra Nechits – RE: IMAGINED on June 21st – 30th. We will be hosting the celebrated artist Alexandra Nechita June 29th – 30th in person! Read more about that upcoming show here. This special show will be PREMIERING with us here in Indiana – the first stop before it continues the tour North America. You will have first shot at perhaps the very best collection of artwork produced by the renowned child-prodigy-turned-master-artist to date.


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