Picasso’s Angel, Original by Zac Kinkade


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Picasso’s Angel Original Oil by Zac Kinkade with rare mark by Thomas Kinkade.

Framed Size:  26″ x 22″. Framed Original Oil on Canvas.

Picasso’s Angel, an original oil painting by Zac Kinkade is an extremely rare style of work by the young nephew of Thomas Kinkade. This unusual painting has been ‘marked’ by Thomas Kinkade.

Picasso’s Angel was created in the cubist, modern geometric style of Picasso.

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Kinkade, Thomas

In the very beginning of his artistic career, Thomas Kinkade put his entire life savings into the printing of his first lithograph. Though at the time he was already an acclaimed illustrator, Thom found that he was inspired not by fame and fortune, but by the simple act of painting straight from the heart, putting on canvas the natural wonders and images that moved him most. It was this dedication and singular-minded focus on the ultimate goal of Sharing the Light™ that made Thomas Kinkade, a simple boy with a brush from the small country town of Placerville, California the most-collected living artist of his time.
See Thomas Kinkade’s full biography here: Read More

Kinkade, Zac

Zachary Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kinkade’s nephew, was born in 1992 and has been passionate about art his entire life.
Beginning when he was 11, Zachary began entering and winning national and regional art competitions and shows. Deciding
that art was his calling, Zac submitted a portfolio to the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Art and was accepted to the school in
preparation of formal university training in the arts. Read More


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