The Mountain Chapel GP by Thomas Kinkade


30 x 24 Gallery Proof Canvas framed in Brandy


The Mountain Chapel GP by Thomas Kinkade

Chapels of Nature I, May 1998

Gallery Proof, 30″ x 24″ #1428/2100. Framed in Brandy.

This canvas has additional hand embellishments by a Thomas Kinkade Master Highlighter. This is a part of our Collectors Exchange program. Price is negotiable. Contact the gallery for details.

About the Art

Before we ever began to build temples in His honor, God graced us with natural sanctuaries radiant with the light of divine love and peace. In the crowded and busy world in which most of us must live, there is little enough time to seek out the secluded treasures that give testimony to a divine presence in the world. As my Chapels of Nature collection unfolds, we will seek the presence of God in His lakes, forests, hills, and valleys.

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16×20, 24×30, 32×40



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