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Carlos Alberto Leon Cruz signs his artwork Leon. He is a Peruvian artist born in Otuzco, La Libertad, Peru, in 1967, León studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes of Trujillo, graduating with highest honors in 1991. Interested in three dimensional, works León studied sculpture for several years and it was in those years that he understood what his destiny and style were going to be. Surprised by the quality of his sketches, several of his professors encouraged him to study painting. It took him a few years to convince himself that he could express his ideas in two dimensions.

León’s work is supremely technical and robust. His figures show an exceptional originality that complemented the application of the paint, and demonstrate a maturity seldom seen. León has numerous awards that include: Honorable Mention in the I Biennial, London, England (2013); Honorable Mentioned in the IV Biennial of Indiginous Art, Quito, Ecuador (2012); 3rd Place in the Florence Biennial, Italy (2009), 1st Place in the 2007 National Contest by the Universidad Nacional de Mexico along with others too numerous to list. Among the most important One Person Shows, the following ones should be mentioned: ICPNA, Trujillo, Peru (2011); Casa de la Emancipación, Trujillo, Peru (2010); Museo de la Universidad del Estado de Mexico, Mexico (2006); and, Fundación Kingmann, Quito, Ecuador (2005). León has participated in more than 30 Group Exhibitions all over the world including, England, France, Turkey, Venezuela, Finland, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany and Spain.

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