Llestin, Ana

Ana Llestin

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Ana Llestin was born in Castellon, Spain. She studied Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos of Valencia and earned her Doctorate from the University Polytechnic of Valencia. Ana has earned numerous accolades from her extensive international exhibitions in a variety of styles.

This multi-talented artist focuses on painting, engraving and sculpture.  Through her love of poetry she discovers a mythological world of fantasy and dreams in an atmosphere of abstractions that are evident in her artwork. The moon, women, and nature are the axis of her paintings, taking her back to the traditional drawing of the human figure.

Artist’s Statement

Without art…there is no life…

“…AND that time gives us moments to experiment, to  feel,  to see and  to reflect by learning  how to see and to know and to express ourselves, through the long journey of experience that continues over time. And, so my art develops from the knowledge of different techniques and materials, mixed medium. I think that the driving force of my art is diversity that allows me to totally express all the possibilities, which enriches my art, bring together praxis and concept. The symbolic conceptualization is enriched by the experience in practice. The contact with substance, color and form, brings me to play an intense game of suggestions, in an attractive poetic world. Nature, space, and the human figure are references of a feeling and perception between the realm of reality and dream. Symbolic connotations that flow and change real space via the placement of illusions. My art aims to reach the viewer by perceiving a dialog of sensations, comprehension, of learning, of plastic experiences linked with life.”

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