Mary Buek

Mary Buek

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Mary Buek was born creative, but did not truly pursue her artistic life until after she quit her ‘day job’ that included being a wife, mother and working woman.

She returned to college in 2002, after raising and providing for her family, and discovered that it wasn’t necessary to follow a pattern. Her mother had forced her to learn to crochet, needlepoint, embroider, sew and knit, none of which she either enjoyed or felt very good at. She had difficulty following the directions and frequently did not like the colors that were required.

In Mary Buek’s own words:

“As part of my “Modern English Literature” class, I was required to read Ulysses by James Joyce. The final in the class was to write a 20-page paper on that book; in the alternative, with the professor’s approval, we were allowed to be creative in our final project. I hated the book, hated the class, and knew I could not write 20 pages about that book. However, I decided to make an altered book, showcasing each chapter on a double-page spread. My professor thought it was wonderful and her art department colleagues decided it was ART. My grade was an A.

I quickly progressed from altered books to abstract paintings on scrap wood; then a couple of years ago, I decided that if I was serious about painting, I had to take a leap forward and I invested in canvas. I paint flat, on canvas stretched on a piece of insulation board laid across two sawhorses. I stretch the canvas with T-ins and then tape the sides to the insulation.

I use acrylic paint, employing various tools and techniques to texture my canvases. I experiment constantly as a way of learning new methods to incorporate in my art. Since I received my first digital camera, I discovered that my own photography is an unrivaled source of inspiration.

My first show was in August 2007 at Rosemann Architects and was a surprising success. As a result of this show, I was asked to be a guest presenter at the Blue Valley North High School art day. I continue to study and experiment to gain new perspective and I believe my art is becoming better and more interesting every day.”

Exhibitions and Collections:

Michael Murphy Gallery, FL

Barucci’s Gallery, MO

Grant Tinsley Gallery, MO

Artist Market, MO

Designing Women, IA

Artist Design Source, WI


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