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Nati Torres was born in Castellon, Spain. She studied fine arts at the University of San Carlos of Valencia and has her doctorate degree from the University Polytechnic of Valencia.

Torres has a long trajectory of international exhibitions. She holds conferences at different foundations, colleges and universities. Additionally, she has taught courses, seminars and participated as a juror in various art events.

Torres’ artistic career has focused in the field of painting, engraving, and sculpture. She bases her work on a knowledge of the techniques and materials necessary to be able to combine praxis and concept.

Torres discovers a mythological world of fantasy and dreams that transmits to her artworks through poetry. Consequently, the artist gives an atmosphere of abstractions, symbolic and suggestive spaces to her paintings.

Torres is in continuous evolution and renovation, returning to traditional drawing in her last collections, where the flowers and nature are the axis of her paintings.

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