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Pedro Velver was born in Murcia, Spain, in 1970. After graduating from high school he moved to Valencia where he attended the prestigious University of San Carlos and earned his Fine Art degree. Velver immediately began his professional life as an artist.

At the beginning of his career, Velver’s imagery was exclusively classical — following Velazquez and Sorolla – beautiful and luminous scenes of children playing at the beach. Soon, he added abstraction to his work.

As a master of the human figure in the above classical sense, this allows Velver to engage in a form of “abstract-realism,” a term he uses to describe two important aesthetic points. First, the colors, shapes and material must flow freely without following any pre-determined style. Second, any image that in itself has a form in reality (as with animals, landscapes, human beings, objects) is used as if it were a simple color or shapeless stain. The stain will be allowed to wander along the painting until it reaches an “adequate” place in the composition, such as when a brushstroke finds its ideal spot on the canvas. This is how simple abstract images appear as abstract-realism – when they are united with elements in the painting from the real world. He calls this style “New Figurativism”: the use of classical representation over colorful and abstract backgrounds.

His work is widely held in many private collections as he has participated in a great number of international art exhibitions.

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