Espacious Abstractos I by Teodora Liza Reque


Custom Framed Original Oil Painting, 33 1/4″ x 51 1/2″

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Espacious Abstactos by Teodora Liza Reque.

Custom Framed Original Oil Painting

Image Size: 29 1/2″ x 47 1/4″. Framed Size: 33 1/4″ x 51 1/2″

Suggestive brush strokes descend in brilliant light on searing tones of copper, ochre and red. Above, a pearly background retreats into the distance, pushing the abstract forms into the foreground. Teodoro Reque paints artistic acrobatics, using unusual angles to create depth.
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 Teodoro Reque Liza


“No work is finished until it satisfies my spirit – I must find harmony, color and form.”

One of NOVICA’s most popular artists, Teodoro Reque Liza’s formation as a painter is the result of continuous practice of the art, observation of nature and personal reflection. His abstract themes are drawn from Andean inspiration and he recreates memories of ancient Peruvian cultures and their relationships to the present. The innovation of his art can be seen in the singular style of his compositions and the harmony that he achieves through his subtle running together of colors.

“Ever since adolescence I’ve been drawn to art. However, it wasn’t until 1990 that I dedicated myself entirely to painting, reaffirming, perhaps, the influence of an artistic family. I’ve oriented my work toward an abstract tendency, all the while conserving the cultural roots of my country. My artistic ability reaps me intimate satisfaction and fills within me a spiritual void, revitalizing me.

“My work is methodical. Before beginning I make a preliminary sketch right on the canvas, changing the color scheme as the work progresses. The tones are my major concern, given that they are my language, and from there we can see serene skies that promise peace. No work is finished until it satisfies my spirit – I must find harmony, color and form. Sometimes even after I’ve already signed a painting I continue working on it.

“I’ve participated in four individual exhibitions and about a hundred collective ones. I’ve participated in national contests and was one of the selected artists in the Fine Arts Biennial in 1996. “

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