Love Circle by Bartus


32″ x 32″ Original Mixed Media on Canvas


Love Circle by Bartus

32″ x 32″ Original Mixed Media on Canvas.

Bartus creates in his trademark style of three dimensional artwork. This colorful painting has images popping out of the canvas.

This painting is stretched in the gallery wrap method and can be hung frame-less for a casual appearance. For a more finished, or refined look, we recommend custom framing.

CV Art and Frame has access to a comprehensive collection of artwork by this artist. For additional details, please contact us at phone #: 317-873-2976 or email: info@cvartandframe.co

Francisco Bartus Biography

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Francisco Bartus is a Spanish painter, born in 1975 in Valencia. He was encouraged by his teachers at school to study art, and after completing his education he started his career as a professional designer and plastics artist.

In his early stage, he focused on still life, to which he applied modern language and techniques that were enthusiastically accepted by both galleries and the public.

Then, under the influence of the ideas of Carl Jung, Francisco decided to change to a new genre that displayed, in a plastic-style and bright expression how some of our deepest feelings are partially inherited and are not only shaped by our personal or individual experience. The style was first introduced by the celebrated Spanish artist, Juan Genovés Candel.

Bartus developed his own unique style to produce the stunning artworks that he is now known for, combining powerful pictorial techniques with an idea of human collectivity.

The use of mixed media results in 3D effects that make his pieces so extraordinarily different. The layering of paint is striking, and adds yet another dimension to Bartus’ production. His works are innovative and unique, combining a variety of materials and techniques with fresh ideas to create exciting works.

Bartus has been widely exhibited in galleries in USA, especially in Florida, California and New York. He has also exhibited in in Europe, France, Spain, as well as Germany and Switzerland.

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