Petites Deucers Au Passage by Mélanie Simard


Original Mixed Media Painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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Petites Deucers Au Passage (Little Sweets Along the Way) by Mélanie Simard

12″ x 12″ Original Mixed Media Painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Colorful elements in sweet abstraction. Can be hung with, or without, a frame.

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Mélanie Simard Biography

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Mélanie Simard was born in 1975 in Boischatel, Québec. Mélanie, commonly referred to as Mélan, started studying various art techniques as early as nine years old. She is currently creating two distinctive painting styles, reflective of her curiosity in materials and design.

Simard creates bold floral paintings and loose abstract works, often adding mixed media to her acrylic work. She experiments with color and texture through the use of beads, resin, drips, and spray paints. Despite this wide array of materials, each painting comes together in perfect harmony.

Known as Mélan by her very successful still life paintings. Mélan wanted to explore new venues as an artist. Her need to expand her knowledge led her to try different mediums. It is this very research that brought her in contact with aluminum, a cold and rigid substance. Since Simard has made her discovery, aluminum has taken on a new meaning for her. Simard mounts the aluminum foil on a textured canvas. In this new environment, the metal matter takes on a second life. She also uses this rough material in a more direct approach. Using aluminum plates, she will sometimes sand or scratch the surface in order to awaken surprising textures and effects. Always adding the vibrant palette of colors for which she is known. With a combination of her thoughts and emotions, written in simple words, her pieces signed Simard make us more aware of the time, the life, and the space that surround us.

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