Remora by Advait Kolarkar


36 x 12 Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Remora by Advait Kolarkar

36″ x 12″ Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Abstract in an explosion of color created by a young child prodigy, perhaps the youngest ever (at age 2) to have produced and sold artwork for a solo exhibition. Now a ‘seasoned’ young boy, Advait continues to impress the international art world with his innate ability to visualize and create bold, colorful abstracts. His Resume of achievements and awards is already pages long, check out his biography.

Timothy Warrington, International Confederation of Art Critics, 2022 said. “There has never been a better time to invest in Advait Kolarkar”.

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Advait Kolarkar Biography

artist-prodigy-youngSee Artwork Here

Advait Kolarkar was born in 2013 in India. The young prodigy showed an interest in painting at eight months old when his mother gave him food coloring to play with. His imagination flourished, breaking boundaries when his mother realized that his was a special talent and provided him with paints and canvas. By the age of two, he was already creating colorful abstracts for art shows.

His contemporary ingenuity evolved to perceive the universe and oceans with ease through gestural abstractions.  He channels his fantastic imagination through the canvas in colors and combinations that are well beyond his years. The word “prodigal” fits his passion in the true sense, which flourishes by the day with utmost sincerity.

Advait takes pleasure in branching out, evolving his art to continually find new challenges and techniques to achieve his vision on canvas. His art is organic, born from various tools, brushes, and occasionally even with fingers, as it weaves his inspirations and thoughts in a conversational tone.

The rhythm in his paintings is noticeable as he can distinguish many hues of a single color. The themes are meditations of the world that he dwells in — of dragons, galaxies, birds, flowers, sea creatures, dinosaurs and more. These subjects have a tendency to transform, pursuant to the fantasies of a young mind. The artistic narratives achieve greater proportions with subjects like the grandiloquent Big Bang, awe-inducing black holes, imaginative aliens and even the invention of his dinosaur species like the ‘Electrosaurus’ that radiate currents in a multitude of colors.

His style of painting is acquiring a certain etiquette. He begins by spreading the color on his body first before pouring it on the canvas. Advait gauges the tone and texture and then begins organizing them. His vivid use of colors — the bold splatter and dreamy framework — is a reflection of his actions. His keen streak of arranging and shaping things affects the way he spreads the colors on canvas.

These paintings have been a part of the global discourse. The narrative of his exhibitions takes the viewer on a journey of personal growth, inspiration, and the intense creativity of a prodigy artist.

Advait Kolarkar surpassed major milestones by the age of eight. He has won the Global Child Prodigy
Award, and one of the few worldwide recipients of Highflyers 50, consolidating his place in the
international art arena. He had the privilege to become the youngest TEDx speaker of India in Nov.
2022. These major milestones have earned him the ‘prodigy’ tag by the BBC, among other international
media outlets, making him one of the youngest artists worldwide. His work ethic and wondrous
imagination has caught art lovers’ attention internationally, who are often thrilled to know that his
instinctive journey began when he was just eight months old. His art tells plethora of stories that spring
from his vivid imagination. The world has opened its arms to the young lad, whose poly-chromatic
carrier has started flourishing like an eternal spring. Its kaleidoscopic nature where one sees imagination collide with reality was termed as a “phantasmagoria” of paints — an effective use of colors that would have otherwise been risky.

Advait’s art has a global footprint —  taking the art world by storm with a radiant show tour in USA, solo show in London and an exhibition alongside the most influential modern art masters Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Joan Miro in New York. A significant show in Italy and at the London Art Biennale, New York’s ArtExpo, a solo stint in Canada and India. His story is featured in the launch of Walt Disney’s largest digital destination ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ and his artwork was painted by a robot on a car making a history.

Timothy Warrington, International Confederation of Art Critics, 2022 said. “There has never been a better time to invest in Advait Kolarkar”.

Advait is rooted in India with his family. They travel outside the country frequently. With encouragement flowing from all corners, Advait, besides being an artist, dreams of becoming a paleontologist, to be able to make practical discoveries about dinosaurs.

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Age: Born in India, January 6, 2014
First begins painting: Eight months old
First solo exhibition: At two years old, in Art2Day Gallery, Pune, India
First international and sold-out show: At four years old, in Canada
First international award: At five years old, Global Child Prodigy Award


USA show tour: 28 Jan. – 6 March 2023. Multiple Galleries and States

Chianciano Biennale, Italy: 6 – 28 August 2022
It is the most dynamic art celebration in the world.

Artgroupink Shows across USA: June 18 – July 30, 2022
Exhibition tour in seven prominent art galleries across USA.

New York, Group Show: Artifact Gallery: July 6, 2022
Exhibition alongside the original paintings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Joan Miro.

London, UK Solo Show: Gagliardi Gallery: May 12 – 22, 2022
In one of the most established and long-standing contemporary art galleries in London.

London Art Biennale, UK: June 30 – July 4, 2021
A museum-quality award exhibition curated by Gagliardi Gallery in conjunction with the
International Confederation of Art Critics and the Chianciano Art Museum.

USA solo show: April 2018
ArtExpo New York, USA. Youngest artist in their 40-years of legacy.

Canada solo show: January 2018
City of Saint John Gallery, Canada. Exhibited paintings were sold out within a week.

India solo show: November 2016
Art2Day Gallery, Pune, India. Advait’s art was introduced to the world.


TEDx speaker:
November 2022
Advait become the youngest TEDx speaker of India at the age of eight.

BYJU’S Young Genius Award
TV show feature – aired on History TV 18 HD, CNN News 18 and Network 18’s other eighteen TV channels.

High Flyers 50
April, 2021
A Global Recognition of Outstanding Achievers by Film & TV Preview. Advait’s career was
mentioned in a coffee table book. He is their youngest feature ever.

Global Child Prodigy Award
January, 2020 – International award for the top prodigies of the world.
Award itself has been hailed by Academy Award winner AR Rahman for its excellence.

Global Kids Achiever’s Award
November, 2020.
International award for children across globe who are pushing the boundaries of excellence.


For the first time in the history a robot painted an Artwork (Advait’s artwork) on the car with pixel technology.

Walt Disney:
Featured in the launch of ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ platform. Disney’s largest digital destination.

Collaborated as their platinum artist.

Government of India – (Dalmia Group and T-Series):
Featured in the ‘Mauka Hai’ song created in the commemoration of 75 years of India’s

Dabble Play Art:
Featured in the launch of their new product.


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