Tierras by Baca


12″ x 16″. Original Oil on Canvas


Tierras by Baca

Size 12″ x 16″. Original Oil Painting on unstretched Canvas.


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Agustin Baca Rojas Biography

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Born in Lima, Peru in 1965, Rojas (aka Baca), has devoted his energy to the rediscovery of the nude figure. He considers his neo-figurativism as the reflection of the most beautiful shapes and forms created by God. His profound and confident lines express a self-assurance that conveys his deep believes in a Supreme Creator.

As Baca, he explores painting as an abstractionist with tremendous power and decision in the resolution of his canvas. Agustin serves the brush when applying with intensity the color, as well as the lack of color, in his compositions, similar to the American Abstract Expressionists.

His humble beginnings in Peru began at very young age, supported by committed parents who were interested in the arts. Art was the core throughout his entire education culminating in the acceptance of the most prestigious Painting School in Lima, the Escuela de Bellas Artes. where he graduated in 1992 with top honors. He also studied in the ateliers of the well-known painters José Aldana and Miguel Nieri.

With a lot of resources and inspired by the competition, Agustin defines his painting and surrenders to the force of abstraction which is also evident in his popular nudes which he paints under the name of Rojas.

His determination in the exploration of different mediums define his character. His exhibitions, in addition to the numerous ones held in Peru, include saloons in Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Paraguay and Ecuador, from where his oeuvre has dispersed into a number of serious art collectors.


1998 “Bienal Arte de los Noventa” National Library of Peru; “De Dioses y Demonios” ICPNA Gallery; 1997 “Honor al Merito II” ICPNA Gallery; “ IX Exposición de Arte 97” Stella Maris; Mora Gallery – Caracas, Venezuela; CDX Gallery – Quito, Ecuador “Re…Toques” Banco de Comercio; 1996 “Mientras Lima duerme” Banco de Comercio, Peru; “Mixturas 96” Imagen Gallery; “ Cuarto de Juegos” Alianza Francesa; “Concurso de Pintura Coca Cola Trujillo 1996”; “ Distintas Propuestas de Desnudos” Armonia Art Gallery; “ Grandes Formatos” 2VS Gallery; “El Arte para el Bien de los niños” Embasy of the USA; “XVI Concurso Nacional de Pintura Michell & Cia” Banco Continental; 1995 “Como si estuvieramos en Paris” – Alianza Francesa, Peru; “ II Bienal Bellas Artes” National Art Museum, Lima-Peru; “VII Exposition of Art 95” Stella Maris, Lima-Peru; “The Gallery 95” Jewish Association of Peru, Lima; 1994 Terrazas del Garza Hotel, Chiclayo-Peru; “First Grand Group Exposition 94” Pimentel-Peru; “Plastica 94” Miraflores, Lima-Peru; “V Exposición de Arte 94” Setella Maris; 1993 “Artistas Jovenes” Felix Tello Gallery; “454 Huanuco Anniversary” City Hall of Huanuco, Peru; “Aniversario de San Marcos” Savoy Hotel, Peru; “Exposición de Pintura” ENBA; “Gala de Pinceles 93” Banco de Comercio; “V Exposición de Pintura” Stella Maries; “Cruz Roja Peruana” Sheraton Hotel; “Jovenes Valores” 2VS Gallery; “Salón Anual de Artistas Plasticos” National Museum; “Plástica 93” Miraflores, Lima-Peru; Banco Wiesse.


1996 “Expresión Corporal” Armonía Art Gallery


1996 “ V Salón de Pintura Contemporanea de Integracion Latinoamericana”

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