Raul Sanjuan Biography

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 Raul Sanjuan was born in 1978 in Castellon, Spain.  He is a self-taught artist.  He started to refine his artistic career doing plein air competitions. 

Sanjuan is a painter with deep convictions focused on profound sentiments. This is evident in the colors, light and balance of his compositions.  Simultaneously, he embraces a sophisticated and intentional technique.  Sanjuan is a master of synthesizing tradition and modernity, realism and abstraction in his artwork.   

Raul Sanjuan’s preferred medium is canvas. City landscapes, and urban views balanced with nature are among his primary subjects. His combination of light and shadows are well recognized.  The diversity of soft tones at dusk in his compositions is striking and provides an air of romance.

He has been in numerous exhibitions and competitions. His pieces are exhibited in public and private galleries on a permanent basis.

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