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Also known as Agustin Rojas, you will find Baca is an Abstractionist with tremendous power and decision in the resolution of his canvas. Agustin serves the brush when applying with intensity the color (and the absence of color) in his compositions, making his audience vibrate in the same way the American Abstract Expressionist did.

His humble beginnings in Peru started at very young age, supported by two committed parents interested in the arts. Art was the core through his entire education, culminating with his acceptance in the most prestigious Painting School in Lima, the Escuela de Bellas Artes.

With plenty of resources and inspired by the competition, Agustin defined his painting and surrendered to the force of abstraction. Excellent mentors, like Professor Aldana and Professor Nieri, kept the motivation going and Baca finally graduated, with the best grades, in 1992.

His determination accompanies him in the search of the proper media to promote his work, not without the challenges that define his character. His exhibitions, in addition to the numerous ones held in Peru, include salons in Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Paraguay and Ecuador, from where his oeuvre has dispersed into a number of serious art collectors.

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