Thomas Kinkade’s Fantasia

Walt Disney's Fantasia by the Thomas Kinkade Studio
Walt Disney’s Fantasia by the Thomas Kinkade Studio

Fantasia is the twelfth and final release in the popular Disney Dreams collection.  Walt Disney reflected on his legacy “it was all started by a mouse” and from those simple beginnings in Steamboat Willie, the mouse has grown to an iconic stature on the worldwide stage as the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia. From this lofty platform, Mickey Mouse is celebrated in this ambitious and successful fusion of high art, classical music and popular culture in film.  In its portrayal of this Disney classic, the Thomas Kinkade Studios have captured the brilliance of the many delightful characters with Mickey orchestrating it all – Leopold Stokowski’s Philadelphia Orchestra would have been proud. Visit the Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery to see this latest release and some of the previous Disney renditions and reserve your appointment with Thomas Kinkade’s brother, Patrick Kinkade for a personal master highlighting session with your new canvas purchase.  Call 317-873-3288 for details.

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