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Francisco Cienfuegos was born in 1965 in Piura, in northern Peru. He was endowed with a natural artistic temperament and disposition. In fact, Cienfuegos displayed a prodigious ability to draw even before learning to read and write.The surroundings of Piura, renowned for its rich and vibrant landscape, was the catalyst for a young aspiring artist. The Piurian geography forged his artistic sensibilities and molded his soul. Nature was the “real school” for Cienfeugos.

At the age of twenty, Cienfuegos journeyed to Lima to expose himself to higher art. He worked at different jobs in order to finance his art education. His talents were soon discovered, and he was encouraged by the likes of Peruvian master Oscar Cruz to pursue an artistic career. The next few years saw Cienfuegos taking on numerous commissions, and his reputation rapidly spread throughout artistic circles. It was during this crucial time that his painting style developed and matured.

Cienfuegos’ style is characterized by a “hyper-realism”. His still life representations are extraordinary to the degree that the viewer can almost sense the aroma and flavor of the subject matter. The tremendous skill and precision, coupled with intense emotional expression are reminiscent of the classical masters. Cienfuegos strives to “demonstrate the capacity for displaying the perfect image.” The viewer must exercise the same level of patience as the artist employed in creating it. Cienfuegos’ works are best approached with inarticulate admiration, where the sheer beauty of the work is amplified in silence. Cienfuegos’ mission statement is succinct: “art is in my blood”. He is the perfectionist whose destiny as a great artist was never in doubt.

His critically acclaimed work can be seen in countless galleries including Sao Paulo, Lima, Florida, and Canada. His paintings are valuable acquisitions for many private collectors and dealers. Cienfuegos claims that “art is the language of the artist”. If this is true then this Peruvian artist is speaking volumes.

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