Friday, June 7th – 4 pm – 8 pm Opening Reception
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Exhibition continues June 8 – July 6, 2024

“Give Peace a Chance: The Art of John Lennon” showcases the captivating history of Lennon’s visionary art, from his early childhood to his untimely death in 1980.

Its message of peace and unity persevere, resonating with audiences across generations. In an increasingly connected and tumultuous world, the lyrics of this Exhibit’s namesake inspire individuals to work toward a harmonious coexistence, making it as relevant today as it was when it was first recorded.

In addition to the artwork by John Lennon, collectors will also have the opportunity to acquire limited edition releases of his handwritten compositions of some of his most famous songs. All limited edition prints are hand signed by Yoko Ono and estate plate signed with John Lennon’s embossed signature as well as stamped with his personal Japanese Hanko which translates to “Like a cloud, beautiful sound.”

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In honor of the 57th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album a new portfolio entitled John Lennon/In My Life will make its debut with the limited edition print: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

art-drawing-john-beatlesLucy In The Sky With Diamonds will be the first of fifteen editions within the portfolio. Additional images are expected to be released over the next twenty-four months. This portfolio will be created in the same format as the original Bag One portfolio that John released in 1970.

Each edition will have the official John Lennon signature embossed in the paper and stamped with his official Japanese Hanko or ‘Chop’ which translates to “Like a cloud, beautiful sound.”

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is the first new release from the Art of John Lennon in fifteen years.

Lennon first envisioned and drew Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds in 1964 inspired by his son’s Julian’s own childhood drawing. He  featured it in the centerfold of his book In His Own Write. The song was later released in 1967.

Lennon’s artwork predated his success with the Beatles and remained a passion throughout his years as a music legend. While music will be remembered as his most popular art form, art on paper was his first love. He loved both his literature and his art, studying at Liverpool Art Institute from I957 – I960. During his lifetime, he produced numerous series of sketches and lithographs, which were first published starting in the early 1960s. Often surreal and composed through a method of free association, his drawings from this period were widely considered some of the finest interpretive artworks of the era.

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Images courtesy of Yoko Ono © Yoko Ono

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