Guzman Aymara


Guzman Aymara began painting as a child in his native Peru. He received his formal education at the Escuela de Bella Arts in Lima. He describes his painting style as: ” A reflection from the eyes to the brushstroke of the happiness and enthusiasm of a calm summer day.” The source of his art is the land itself. In roaming the Peruvian countryside for hours on end, he meticulously searches for the artistic inspiration and ideas that will be magically transformed onto canvas. The vibrant, yet playful palette used in his art, for example, is reflected in the countless scenes of sun-soaked landscapes. Aymara says that he is ultimately ” a painter of light.” The constant and contrasting interplay of shades and light are characteristic of an Aymara painting. The paintings are best placed in the quiet spaces of homes and offices. Their tranquil nature, characterized by the mixture of thousands of shades of light, are conducive to reflection and quiet admiration. Moreover, his paintings display an incredible harmony that transcends the seeming disharmony of everyday life. Aymara’s paintings offer the viewer something refreshingly different. The best works are the ones that convey all the colors, sights and sounds of the vibrant Peruvian landscape. It can be the sunlight over the vines; the dazzling light of an outdoor terrace; the sublime light of the late-afternoon sunset, for example, that give Aymara’s work it’s superlative quality. Guzman Aymara’s work is widely enjoyed and collected in North America and Europe. The accolades keep pouring in for this gentle Peruvian, who is steadily gaining in reputation as one of the eminent South American artists.
Guzman Aymara: Born in Jacantaya – Moho, Perú, EDUCATION: 1980 – 1991 Escuela de Bellas Artes “Carlos Baca Flor” de Arequipa MOST RECENT HONORS AND DISTINCTIONS; 1994:First nation prize, technique painting watercolor contest, “Michel y Cia S.A., Second prize of the Nacional contest of watercolor – “Prize Jhon Constable” of the Consejo Britanico; 1995:Honorable mention of II painting contest – A.N.C.P.PP (Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballo de Paso Peruano), Honorable mention of X National painting contest in favor of the association Pro-Unamonos; 1997:Honorific distinction granted by the municipality of Arequipa CDL, VII anniversary of the foundation “Premios Nacionales 2000”, First national prize of IX watercolor contest, Peruvian landscape, prize “Jhon Constable” of the cultural association Peruvian britanica, Private collection in Wingate University of Charlotte, NC – EUA; 2000:Fourth national prize of the tecnica painting contest watercolor – Michel y Cia S.A.; 2001:Honorable mention of the national painting contest, Michel y Cia oil technique MOST RECENT ONE PERSON SHOWS 1993:“Nostalgias” Galeria IEPNA Miraflores – Lima, Perú; 1993:“Temas de Nopal” Galeria IEPNA – Arequipa, Perú; 1995:“Entre Viñedos y Arenales”, Galeria IEPNA – Miraflores, Lima , Perú INTERNATIONAL GROUP EXHIBITIONS SHOWS 1997:Jerald Meldberg Gallery Inc. – NC – EUA; 1997:Wingate University of Charlotte – NC – USA; 1999:Arte America 99–II Feria de Arte Latinoamericano–Toledo–SPAIN MOST RECENT GROUP SHOWS 2001:“Noche de Arte” –Embassador’s residence de los Estados Unidos “Imagenes para un Tiempo Nuevo” – Hall de los pasos perdidos del Congreso de la Republica, XXX National Culture Contest Michel & Cia S.A. – Galleria de la Escuela de Arte Corriente Alterna, II Colectiva “Luces del Sur” – Galeria de la UNIFE, XII Watercolor contest Peruvian landscape of the cultural association Peruvian

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