Autumn Morning by Robert Finale


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Autumn Morning by Robert Finale 

Hallstatt, Austria

Limited Edition. Stretched Canvas. Hand Embellished by Robert Finale,
Published January 2006. Total edition size: 465.
Master Proof: 30×40, 24×32 (editions size 1 each). All Master Proofs sold out.
Artist Proof 30×40 (edition size 15 – sold out), 24×32 (edition size 25 – sold out)
Signed and Numbered 30×40 (edition size 75), 24×32 (edition size 150), 9×12 (edition size 200).

My wife and I explore all the beauties Austria has to offer. We take a morning boat ride enjoying everything the beautiful autumn morning brings to us. 
A wind blows; however, the warmth of the sun soon pushes it away as it overtakes the village of Hallstatt. Every detail of the old buildings are caught by the reflections of light on the water, creating a vibrant array of beauty. I am awe-struck by the sudden beauty unfolding around me as if I were in a fairytale. In the distance the church bells ring, signaling the beginning of the day as men and women walk around town. The peaks of the mountain hang over the beautiful village; the urge to catch this beautiful moment takes over.
As I continue to travel along this beautiful setting, I know that I will never forget this breathtaking autumn morning.
-Robert Finale

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About Robert Finale Canvas Editions

Finale’s artworks are published as limited edition canvas prints in different editions:

Master Proof – is extensively hand embellished by the artist and is usually limited to only 1 produced for each title and size.

Artist Proof – is heavily hand embellished by the artist and is of a small edition quantity

Signed and Numbered – is hand embellished by the artist and limited in quantity.

Exclusive Edition – is reproduced in a size that is larger than the original painting,hand embellished by the artist and is of a small edition quantity.

Robert Finale Biography

Born in 1966 in Sagua la Grande, Cuba, Robert Finale fled the communist nation with his family at the tender age of two for a life of freedom and opportunity in the United States. These early struggles and adversity taught Finale the value of hard work and discipline at a very young age.

Discovering his passion for art by the age of five, Finale was seldom without a pencil and sketchpad in hand, sketching everything from movie scenes to family vacation destinations. His mother lovingly cherished these early childhood sketches and encouraged Finale to keep and care for them, even throughout his early career as an electrician. It was many years later before Finale discovered his love, and natural talent, for brushing oil onto canvas. His very first painting was created as a gift for his wife Susie propelling Finale into the collected artist he is today.

Robert Finale Becomes a Professional Artist

Hanging in homes and galleries around the world, Finale’s heartwarming paintings are captivating, the paint flowing effortlessly from this self-taught artist’s brush, capturing the intrinsic beauty in humankind and nature. His distinctive style is a colorful blend of impressionistic romance and realistic beauty transporting you to an enchanting world of pure and quiet delight.

Finale enjoys exploring the complex interplay of light and its effects on architecture and its surroundings. He has no shortage of subject matter as an avid traveler, and uses his photographs, sketches and memories as the starting point for the inspiring journey in the creation of each masterpiece. Each painting, for Finale, is a journey of unspoken words and hidden whispers of freedom, nurturing the hopes and dreams in each of us.

A quiet, gentle natured man, Robert Finale communicates through a rich vocabulary of brilliant colors and textures allowing him to tap into his own world and the fragile emotions that exist within us all. The infinite emotions that a person may feel upon examining a piece of art is the beauty of this communication in the universal language of art, giving the viewer a powerful tool to look within his own world for the understanding of life’s journey.

Robert Finale lives with his wife Susie in Georgia. Together they have three children Joshua, Nathan, and Kayla.

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Art Edition

Signed & Numbered


24×32, 30×40, 9×12

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