London Nocturne I by Martin Koester


Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 33″ x 50″


London Nocturne I by Martin Koester

Size: 33″ x 50″. Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 2021.

Immerse yourself in the hazy London, England sunset. Hues of rust, cinnamon and brown dominate this ethereal, expressionist painting.

Martin Koester Biography

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Martin Koester (Köster) was born in Hanover, Germany in 1988 and graduated  from Leibniz University of Hanover in 2013.  Soon after, Koester began exhibiting throughout Germany.

In 2018, the city painter Koester received his first invitation to international exhibitions. Just two years later, the contrast between dark buildings and bright lights reached the international art world. Koester exhibits regularly in Hong Kong, New York, London, Moscow, Paris, Hamburg and many other cities worldwide.

Martin Koester is fascinated by the beauty when a city transforms at nightfall. Car headlights that dance as lights in the streets, bright restaurant doors that light up the sidewalks – each of these lights has its own story and he loves to translate these stories into art.

“I’ve always been fascinated by light in paintings. When rays of light break out of dark corners and bring the cities to life, I feel beauty … Cities have always fascinated me on my travels. People who live together in a confined space but remain lonely. I try to capture this seclusion in my paintings. Many lights, people and movement, but still everyone can be alone.”

To feel the pulse of the city, Koester likes to climb the tallest buildings around. On the roofs, Koester paints his city scenes from above:

“I am always surprised how much life I can observe down below. I feel the freedom and seclusion that inspires me.“

When Martin Köster is not painting on a high-rise, his works are created in his studio loft in Germany. Koester uses the photos and sketches he brought back from his city trips for reference.

“I like to arrange my works everywhere in my studio, so I see all the different cities at once. Then I feel the international flair again and if I relive all the stories, I know the painting is finished”

Watch Martin Koester painting in New York

Watch Artist Martin Koester 2018 intro

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