The Oracle’s Dream by Chris Lundy


Original Hand Blown Glass Mixed Media Painting  on Canvas


The Oracle’s Dream by Chris Lundy

Size 32″ x 48″. Original Hand Blown Glass Mixed Media Painting  on Canvas
About the Art

“The Oracle’s Dream” – A Vision Quest.

In the captivating canvas of “The Oracle’s Dream,” the dominant green hues, accompanied by accents of enchanting purple and deep blue, weave together a mesmerizing tapestry.

This abstract masterpiece serves as a profound symbol of the oracle’s dream, a journey into the timeless realm on a vision quest to glimpse the mysteries of what is to come. Green, lush and vibrant, symbolizes the boundless growth and renewal found in the oracle’s dreams. Purple and blue, with their ethereal presence, represent the depth of insight and clarity that unfolds in this mystical journey.

“The Oracle’s Dream” is not just a painting, it’s a portal into the oracle’s visionary quest. It invites you to step into a world where time is fluid, and the future is unveiled through the dreamer’s inner gaze. The abstract forms and colors invite interpretation, allowing each viewer to experience their own unique journey into the oracle’s dream. As you contemplate “The Oracle’s Dream,” allow its colors and shapes to transport you into the realm of prophecy and insight. It’s a visual representation of the timeless wisdom that emerges when we dare to explore the depths of our dreams and visions. “The Oracle’s Dream” beckons you to embark on your own quest for knowledge and foresight, to tap into the oracle within, and to embrace the mysteries that lie beyond the waking world.

detail-glass-art-sculture-wallAbout the Series

Step into a realm where the worlds of fine art and opulence seamlessly merge. Explore the captivating creations of artist Christopher Lundy as he unveils his remarkable masterpieces known as Diamond Lotus paintings. These exquisite artworks epitomize luxury and sophistication, showcasing the artist’s mastery in the domain of fine art.

Each Diamond Lotus painting is a testament to artistic brilliance, skillfully blending meticulously crafted hand-blown glass and precious gemstones against a backdrop of layered resin. The artwork captures a unique spectrum of colors, with the glass mirroring the brilliance of the gemstones.

Every piece in the collection is painstakingly handcrafted, ensuring its distinctiveness. The artist infuses each stroke with passion and inspiration, aiming to evoke spiritual transformation and kindle the viewer’s own creative potential. These exceptional paintings serve as conduits, gently guiding individuals toward a sense of well-being and inner enlightenment.

The process of creating Diamond Lotus paintings involves an alchemical fusion of various mediums sourced from around the world. Diamonds, precious gemstones, glass, and precious metals unite to create breathtaking works of art that exude refinement, elegance, and opulence. These pieces elevate the viewer’s experience to new heights, engaging their senses.

Before embarking on his artistic journey, the artist engages in a meditative practice to infuse each painting with a specific energy and intention. Lundy meticulously crafts individual glass pieces, each one as unique as a snowflake. These delicate glass sculptures find their place on the canvas, following a distinct and harmonious flow. The final touch is the artist’s signature—a single natural full-carat diamond—adding a touch of distinction to every Diamond Lotus painting.

Diamond Lotus paintings transcend traditional artwork; they embody a coveted status reserved for those who have an appreciation for the finest expressions of human creativity. Embark on a journey into the realm of artistry and luxury, where imagination knows no bounds, and the viewer is transported to a world of unspoken beauty and refined indulgence.

The Elements – Inner Alchemy

WIND: In the realm of symbolism, the element of Wind embodies the essence of the mind—the very source from which all things visible and created emerge. Our minds serve as the creators and interpreters of the world around us, enabling us to navigate and find purpose within our existence. With each Diamond Lotus painting, the journey commences with a meditative process, a profound connection that permits the mind to shape and evolve the artwork into its destined form—a heartfelt representation of our spirituality and inner being. In this way, these paintings become a testament to the interplay between the mind and the soul, a manifestation of our deepest connection to the realm of spirit.

EARTH: Diamond Lotus paintings possess an extraordinary allure, stemming not only from their uniqueness and rarity but also from their innate value. Each Diamond Lotus is adorned with the artist’s signature—a stunning, earth mined one-carat natural diamond solitaire—elevating both the visual appeal and the spiritual essence of the painting’s narrative. This signature touch adds an extra layer of significance, symbolizing the profound journey of the soul and infusing the artwork with an undeniable sense of beauty and transcendence. The fusion of material and spiritual elements creates a harmonious symphony, making every Diamond Lotus paintings a truly remarkable treasure.

FIRE: Each Diamond Lotus painting is a testament to careful craftsmanship, born from multiple sessions of dedicated work in the glass studio. Each piece of glass used in the paintings is individually handcrafted by Christopher and River Lotus. This attention to detail, ensures that each one is distinct and every piece that goes into the painting is a unique masterpiece in itself. The selection of colors and mediums for the glass is a result of thoughtful consideration, aiming for the best quality and to perfectly complement each specific painting. It is through this meticulous process that every Diamond Lotus painting exudes its captivating beauty and unmatched elegance.

WATER: Diamond Lotus paintings come to life through a flow inspired by the very essence of water. Just as water is a divine source of life, continuously flowing and transforming while remaining unified, so too do Diamond Lotus pieces embody this harmonious fluidity. They are a manifestation of pure creative energy, channeling the dynamic movement of life force energy from its source. Like water’s ability to shift effortlessly from state to state, Diamond Lotus paintings capture the essence of transformation and renewal, inviting viewers to connect with the profound rhythm of existence and the boundless creativity that flows from the divine source within.

This artist is available for COMMISSIONS. He will personalize and create works for your specific needs.

CV Art and Frame has access to a comprehensive collection of artwork by this artist. For additional details, please contact us at phone #: 317-873-2976 or email: info@cvartandframe.com

Chris Lundy

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The energy and spirit of artist Chris Lundy is constantly reflected in his art.  Lundy’s homes in the Mountains of Colorado and on the Hawaiian Islands allow for both an adventurous lifestyle and inspiration to create spectacular art.   Lundy studied Art in Paris and throughout Spain and has a great appreciation for the Art world.

His adventurous personality led him to develop a more dynamic form of art to awe and inspire the viewer. Lundy developed this Avant- Garde technique by being bold and adventurous with his mediums and tools. Lundy searches the world for  his materials to include Columbian Plant Resin he hand processes, Crystals and Gems, Hand crafted paints, Diamond Dust, Metals and much more. Through what can only be described as alchemy, Lundy then uses extreme temperatures with Fire and Liquid Nitrogen to create the spectacular flows in his contemporary art work.  Each piece ranges from 3-15 or more layers thick creating a truly multi-dimensional journey into the art. This unique technique has been created and developed by Lundy and is one of a kind.

When not in his studio Lundy enjoys hiking, reading a good book, traveling and exploring new places, snowboarding, and going to a good movie with better half, River.


Each piece is started with a meditation and surrender to what the piece wants to become. As Michaelangelo said “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

The organic canvas is then created for each piece. Paints are handcrafted using natural materials, Gemstones, Metals, Diamond Dusts, hand-blown glass, Swarovski crystals, Flowers and other materials are chosen for the piece. The organic Columbian plant resin is then processed. The piece starts to come together layer by layer.  Each piece ranges from three layers up to fifteen layers deep; giving the paintings a stunning three dimensional quality upon completion. During his creation process Lundy uses a high heat to melt and manipulate mediums used in the painting. Each layer is then frozen in time using liquid nitrogen or dry ice and the piece is then sealed in an organic plant based resin. Some pieces include trees sculpted over the top of finished backgrounds with multiple layers of Acrylic paints. It is a lengthy process, ranging from several weeks to over a year and each and every painting is truly one of a kind.


Desiring to evolve his artistic technique to new levels, Lundy began experimenting with the manipulation of resin off of the canvas. The results of his experimentation led to the creation of the Dimensions series. Each individually sculpted piece used to create the painting is pulled and stretched into the shape Lundy desires using high heat. This delicate process is akin to the work of a glassblower. Once shaped, the three dimensional pieces are then painted and fused within the final layers of the painting resulting in stunning pieces which actually jump off of the canvas toward the viewer. Lundy’s modern Avant -Garde techniques are unmatched and truly revolutionary in the world of art.

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