William Rasdell

As a photographer and digital artist, at the core of my work are issues related to migration as a transforming agent in cultural evolution. For much of my career I have focused on the enriching impact of the African presence throughout the Americas. I strive to interpret the ways cultural relationships were established along the path of the slave trade and create pictorials that bear witness to Africa’s legacy of elevating influences and retentions in daily life and custom in those places.

My images have distinction, in great part, due to the two independent creative processes that occur. While my initial photographs document elements of cultural integration across the United States and locales like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad/Tobago and South Africa; employment of digital technologies allow me to give the photographic image broader creative expression.

Since 2008 I’ve pursued a study of post-apartheid South Africa. My images explore the complexities of this highly diverse society as they struggle to achieve Nelson Mandela’s vision of the Rainbow Nation.

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