On The Way Out by Freddie Kelvin


20″ x 30″ Photography on Metal


On The Way Out by Freddie Kelvin

20″ x 30″ Photography on Metal

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography by Freddie Kelvin creates an intriguing dance abstract. ICM technique is a deliberate camera movement which leaves an unexpected image and allows the viewer to make their own subjective interpretation. Perfect for your clean, modern decor.

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Photographer Freddie Kelvin was born May 9, 1943 as Freddie Kohut in England. Kelvin retired from the medical profession as a Radiologist in 2008 after raising his family in Zionsville, Indiana. He is married with two grown children. He currently resides in Carmel, Indiana.

Artist’s Statement

In my former life I was a radiologist, so becoming a photographer seemed like a natural evolution. My photography has always been based on instinct. I shoot what catches my eye…what moves me. The essential act is seeing; seeing and reacting with excitement.

When I retired, I was fortunate enough to travel extensively. My camera became a constant companion. Photographically, my interest has evolved into creating abstract images. I became captivated by reflections in the water. These have a dreamlike quality that is constantly changing, thereby offering varied expressions. I create even more abstract images by blurring the subject, as a result of deliberately moving the camera (Intentional Camera Movement). Its results are often unexpected, and viewers are left to make their own subjective interpretations.

My goal with abstract photography is to create a work with an air of mystery that is engaging. Frequently, viewers think that they are looking at a painting, whether impressionist or more modern, and that is exactly the effect that I strive to create. I want to transport people into a different and unusual world.

I have exhibited widely in Indianapolis. I also passionately support the performing arts and am a long-standing photographer for Dance Kaleidoscope. My works have been obtained for private collections in New York City, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, as well as many other states around the country.

The seeds for my travels were sewn early, for my parents were forced to flee fast and furiously from Nazi Austria in 1938. Walking away from my Jewish background led to many wandering paths in England, Canada, and the USA. Life experiences in different parts of the world then induced me to write a memoir “Urban Nomad” that was published by Amazon last year. My story has been that of a search for identity and an understanding of where I belong. It was only when I retired that I realized my heart was truly in the arts, and I finally became proud of my heritage. I have been fortunate to have experienced a fascinating and ever-changing life. Boredom is my enemy, for life should be an adventure!


Lens Culture: https://www.lensculture.com/freddie-kelvin

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