Sunset over Memphis by Robert Finale


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Sunset Over Memphis by Robert Finale

Memphis, Tennessee

Limited Edition. Stretched Canvas. Hand Embellished by Robert Finale,
Published March 2013. Edition Total: 175.
Master Proof 28×42 –sold out, 24×36 – sold out, 18×27– sold out & 12×18 – sold out (edition size 1 each)
Exclusive Edition 28×42 – sold out (edition size 10)
Artist Proof 24×36 (edition size 20), 18×27 (edition size 25); 12×18 (edition size 10)
Signed and Numbered  24×36 (edition size 30), 18×27 (edition size 40), 12×18 (edition size 40)

As I sit staring out at the beautiful oak trees along the Mississippi River, I imagine a serene setting in a time before this amazing escapade. As I listen to the engines of the stunning Mississippi riverboat, I imagine Miss Memphis cruising down the river in all her splendor with the sunset and the Memphis Bridge at her back. As I gaze awestruck at the gorgeous scenery surrounding me, I notice an elegant plantation further inland. While we gently pass this amazing site, I see a young Huck Finn floating by on his raft, off to many adventures of his own. Listening to the water fall from the ever turning turbine, time slowly passes while my imagination takes me to simpler times. I then knew that I had to capture this amazing palette on canvas to share with the world. This piece invites its audience to partake in a relaxing adventure along the Mississippi River, in a time where our troubles cannot come to be a nuisance.
-Robert Finale

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About Robert Finale Canvas Editions

Finale’s artworks are published as limited edition canvas prints in different editions:

Master Proof – is extensively hand embellished by the artist and is usually limited to only 1 produced for each title and size.

Artist Proof – is heavily hand embellished by the artist and is of a small edition quantity

Signed and Numbered – is hand embellished by the artist and limited in quantity.

Exclusive Edition – is reproduced in a size that is larger than the original painting,hand embellished by the artist and is of a small edition quantity.

Robert Finale Biography

Born in 1966 in Sagua la Grande, Cuba, Robert Finale fled the communist nation with his family at the tender age of two for a life of freedom and opportunity in the United States. These early struggles and adversity taught Finale the value of hard work and discipline at a very young age.

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Art Edition

Artist Proof, Signed & Numbered

Art Size

12 x 18, 18×27, 24 x 36, 28×42

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