Value of Thomas Kinkade Artwork in 2023

What is my Thomas Kinkade worth? This is a question that we receive so frequently, that we have decided to share our knowledge of the value of your Kinkade artwork here. Hang unto your hats though, there are many things to know about the extensive collection of Thomas Kinkade products in order to determine what you have and how that may affect the value.

Thomas Kinkade produced original artwork, most of which has been archived and not sold. If you are lucky to have an actual original painting, the values could range from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands depending on style, size and date of the creation.

Most of what collectors think of as ‘original Thomas Kinkades’ are hand embellished prints on canvas. These limited edition canvas prints are typically numbered, have real paint strokes on them and displayed without glass. They are originally sold with a Certificate of Authenticity that have the details of how many were produced in specific sizes and editions. There is a vast price difference between editions as well as sizes. Availability and rarity also affect the values significantly. Typically, numbered canvas editions retailed for ~$600 to ~$10,000. As these numbered editions became unavailable from the publisher (were sold out) the retail prices on the secondary market rose. Read about the different editions on the Thomas Kinkade Biography page – scroll down to Statement of Editions.

Limited Edition archival prints on paper were/are also published in varying sizes and editions. Early paper editions that are on the secondary market can climb into the low thousands of dollars in value.  A typical numbered paper edition will usually retail from $185 to $310.

Along with the limited edition numbered prints, there are a myriad of decorative collectibles that have been offered throughout the years. Canvas Classics look a lot like the prints on canvas, but do not have the painted embellishments and were usually smaller. These retail in price from the mid to high $200s to the $500s. There is no active secondary market for these or the other decorative home decor prints.

Gallery wrapped prints have become very popular in the home decor market. These are prints on canvas with wrap around image on the sides and can be hung frameless. The starting retail is under $100 and can go as high as $300.

Also in this price range are Accent Prints that are usually small, framed prints on paper that have been matted and will sometimes have inspirational words.

Another small framed print product line is the Brushworks. These are small prints that are textured and are offered framed. These typically retail at close to $100.

You can find the retail price on currently available products by checking on our website (for limited editions) or on the Thomas Kinkade website (for home decor) by searching by the title.

If you would like a simple appraisal on your limited edition Thomas Kinkade print, you can email us here: Gallery@CVartandframe.com and pay for the appraisal here. We will need a photo of your Certificate of Authenticity to do an appraisal.


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